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Michael Alber

Michael Alber

Certified Specialist for Intellectual Property Law
Associate in our Berlin office

Oranienstr. 164
10969 Berlin

T +49 / 30 / 61 68 94 03
F +49 / 30 / 61 68 94 56

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Practice Areas

  • Industrial property, in particular competition law, trademark law, design law and anti-trust law in relation with distribution of goods and services
  • Copyright and Media law, in particular regarding regulations for statutory compensation within the German Copyright Act (UrhG) and corporate right of publicity
  • Transport law

Michael Alber in particular advises and represents clients in the areas of ​​competition law and trademark law, both on national and European level, in particular focussing both on effective and swift enforcement as well as the defense against injunctive relief by means of interim injunction proceedings. During his years of practice as a lawyer, Michael Alber was further able to collect extensive legal expertise in the area of distribution law, in particular regarding the relevant aspects of German and European antitrust provisions. In addition, he has developed particular affinity and legal expertise for issues of transport law concerning movement of goods on a national and international level. His clients comprise both German and foreign corporations from a wide variety of sectors.

Prior to joining von BOETTICHER in November 2018, Michael Alber has been working as an Associated Partner for the corporate law firm GÖRG within their service line “IP/IT, Commercial”.


  • Legal studies at the University of Giessen and the Free University of Berlin, Germany
  • Admitted to the German bar in 2012
  • Successful participation in the specialist lawyer course „Intellectual Property“ of the DeutscheAnwaltAkademie

  • Article on Commercial use of real estate contradictory to building and regulatory provisions as a violation of the German Act Against Unfair Competition („Gewerbliche Immobiliennutzung im Widerspruch zu bau- und ordnungsrechtlichen Vorschriften als Wettbewerbsverstoß i.S.d. UWG“), in German law publication Der IP-Rechts-Berater (IPRB) 2019, 129-133;
  • Article on Selective distribution systems – Antitrust law issues regarding the prohibition of distributing brand products via Internet trading platforms („Selektive Vertriebssysteme – Kartellrechtliche Fragestellungen bei der Untersagung des Vertriebs von Markenartikeln über Internethandelsplattformen“), Der IP-Rechts-Berater (IPRB) 2019, 55-59;
  • Comment on European General Court decision (I ZR 157/16) of December 13, 2018 on Eligibility for registration of wordmark ‚Plombir‘ regarding numerous food products of Nice classes 29 and 30 („Eintragungsfähigkeit der Wortmarke ‚Plombir‘ für diverse Lebensmittel in den Nizzaer Klassen 29 und 30“), in German law publication Der IP-Rechts-Berater (IPRB) 2019, 123-124;
Weitere Publikationen
  • Comment on Higher Regional Court of Hamm decision (I 4 U 73/18) of November 22, 2018 on Reference to the unclean-hands objection in competition law („Berufung auf den Unclean-hands Einwand im Wettbewerbsrecht“), in German law publication Der IP-Rechts-Berater (IPRB) 2019, 74-76;
  • Comment on German Federal Court of Justice decision (I ZR 221/16) of June 28, 2018 on Exhaustion of trademark rights in the event of retailer naming various trademarks on its packaging („Markenrechtliche Erschöpfung bei Mehrzahl von Marken auf Versandkarton des Wiederverkäufers“), in German law publicatoin Der IP-Rechts-Berater (IPRB) 2019, 50-52;
  • Comment on German Federal Court of Justice decision (I ZR 25/17) of September 13, 2018 on Cancellation proceedings: Sufficient distinctiveness of the trademark ‚Pippi Langstrumpf‘ regarding services of Nice class 41 et al („Löschungsverfahren: Hinreichende Unterscheidungskraft der Marke ‚Pippi Langstrumpf‘ für Waren und Dienstleistungen der Klassen 41 u.a.“), in German law publication Der IP-Rechts-Berater (IPRB) 2019, 30-31;
  • Comment on Higher Regional Court of Karlsruhe decision (6 U 161/16) of April 13, 2018 on
    IPR regarding employee inventions („IPR bei internationalen Arbeitnehmererfindungen“), in German law publication Der IP-Rechts-Berater (IPRB) 2019, 31-33;
  • Comment on German Federal Court of Justice decision (I ZR 157/16) of June 21, 2018 on
    Misleading statements about products belonging to a certain product category („Irreführung über Zugehörigkeit zu einer Produktkategorie“),
    in German law publication Der IP-Rechts-Berater (IPRB) 2019, 7-8.

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